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It is important for you to know that we don't share MI7 client names. We are their secret agents and we like to keep our approach covert in nature. Please know that we will treat you with the same respect when you are our client.



Enterprise-level companies typically have a lot of EHR integrations with medical facilities. They are often done the old-fashioned way with VPNs and centralized HL7 message processing at the company's data center. The problem is not all integrations are done via HL7 these days. Integrations can be a mish-mash of HL7, API, and direct-to-database methods. This oftentimes leads to companies writing home-grown integration software. Managing all of these disparate integration methods can be very messy.



Our client offers multiple services to thousands of medical facilities around the country. These services increase efficiencies at the medical facility while decreasing time spent by staff on administrative tasks.

Their services work perfectly, but only when they have perfect data from the EHR.

The internal control systems managing these integrations were getting messy. When an integration went down, it took hours for them to notice and days to get it back up. In some cases they didn't know an integration was down even though data stopped flowing a while ago.



Our client was already painfully aware of the problems with EHR integration. They had a centralized integration engine that required highly-skilled and expensive staff to build and manage new connections. THen they had a high cost for the continued development, upkeep, and management of their home-grown integration software for cloud-based EHRs.

They were already evaluating Q (our software that transforms every Electronic Health Record system into an API) when they heard about TECHINT - the MI7 integration management system.



MI7's tech team worked with their staff to transition existing connections to Q while managing them through the TECHINT API. Integration "heartbeats" showed them which locations were down due to weather, internet outages, and power failures. Their team responded faster to system-down issues and their overall time spent per location dropped by 97.3%.

The client was so impressed with how simply TECHINT was added to their network operations center consoles that they immediately started deploying Q for all new integration projects. They will be switching existing integrations to Q and decommissioning their home-grown software.

Best of all, their clients are more confident with the integrity of the data from their services which is an extra-added bonus they received.

Partly thanks to Q and TECHINT.



Are you an enterprise-level company with thousands of integrations? We can help you wrangle in the mess with Q - our software that transforms every Electronic Health Record system into an API.