Q powers Telehealth


It is important for you to know that we don't share MI7 client names. We are their secret agents and we like to keep our approach covert in nature. Please know that we will treat you with the same respect when you are our client.



Doctor-to-Patient video conferencing is becoming more and more popular with many companies going after this multi-billion dollar market. Doctors love it because they can see more patients throughout the day and patients love the convenience of "visiting" the doctor from home or work.



Our client created an application that allows doctors to video conference with patients from anywhere. This allows the flexibility for the doctor and the patient to literally be anywhere in the world.

Combining the convenience of an in-office consultation from the comfort of the patient's home harkens back to the days when doctors made house calls.

There was just one major problem. Our client needed to be able to send clinical notes from these consultations back into the patient's electronic health record even if the doctor was thousands of miles away from the EHR.



Our client knew they needed to send clinical notes back into the EHR. So they signed up with a company who purported on their website to do this very task. That was until our client started asking the hard questions about getting it working. That is when the wheels fell off and they were stuck.

That is when they reached out to MI7 to talk about Q - our software that transforms every Electronic Health Record system into an API.



MI7's HL7 Team members were on the phone with our client's major hospital client within hours and were exchanging specifications and building a project plan to get the hospital's Epic system integration up and running.

The client asked MI7 to expedite Q's private-labeling and activate our Epic module. The client's development team worked with the Q API and made the minor tweaks to their back-end system. They were able to finish on-time and clinical notes were flowing from our client's back-end servers to the hospital's Epic system.

Our client saved their reputation with this major hospital network client. Our client's investors were very happy with the outcome to boot.

Partly thanks to Q.



MI7 can help your telehealth solution get to market quickly with Q - our software that transforms every Electronic Health Record system into an API.