Q Powers Psychiatry


It is important for you to know that we don't share MI7 client names. We are their secret agents and we like to keep our approach covert in nature. Please know that we will treat you with the same respect when you are our client.



Technologists are working with psychiatrists to uncover new opportunities to incorporate technology with treatment. One way this has blossomed is in telepsychiatry. Patients love getting help faster and psychiatrists can see more patients each day because it is done over a video conference.



Our client created a mobile application allowing patients to schedule video conferences with their psychiatrist from anywhere. At the designated time it establishes a secure connection and allows for treatment to happen. This is invaluable for patients who cannot drive due to medications that restrict them from operating vehicles.

Their app empowers patients with treatment that happens anywhere, and is more accessible for patients while psychiatrists enjoy the freedom to take video conferences from their home and office.



There were two big problems facing our client. First and foremost was the psychiatrists didn't want to manage double entry into the app and the medical record system for each video conference. Secondly, when our client tried to integrate with the first medical record system, they were unable to complete the integration due to non-standard nuances in the software and the psychiatrist became very upset.

Their technology team is great at building mobile apps but are new to building complex EHR integrations.

That is when they reached out to MI7 to talk about Q - our software that transforms every Electronic Health Record system into an API.



MI7's integration team members jumped into action right away. Our team took over the proces with the psychiatrist and the EHR vendor and immediately began building a new EHR module for Q.

The client was uncomfortable handling the installation process so they chose to have our MI7 Integration Specialists take care of everything. The Integration Specialist assigned to their account established the project timeline, managed all resources, and got the facility up and running with single-entry in under 30 days.

Our client has since let our Integration Specialists manage the installation process for Q at the rest of their client facilities in record time.

Partly thanks to amazing MI7 Integration Specialists and Q.



MI7 can help your telepsychiatry solution get to market dominance quickly with Q - our software that transforms every Electronic Health Record system into an API.